Vision of NGO Partner with IRSC

We as an organisation with the mission to spread awareness of road safety & to reduce road accidents wants to spread the importance of road safety with the help of people connected with your ngo. As our country is lacking in infrastructure and awareness related to road safety, it is high time to shake hands for this cause. IRSC will act as a Mediator between ground level problems, NGOs and ministries where NGOs will get a platform to showcase their work and receive recognition in the field of road safety. It will also help the general public to get awareness on road safety.

Role and responsibilities

  • Become the torchbearers and work on the unexplored region of road safety.
  • NGOs, in association with IRSC, have to conduct events on Road Safety to create awareness amongst the people of the country.
  • Help us form an alliance with NGOs of similar fields so that, with combined efforts, we can reach our unified goal faster.
  • Assist us in reaching out to the youth and work on Ministry based projects such as iSAFE and Policy.
  • Help us in reaching out the local government authority of your area for the problems in your locality.
  • Assist our interns in executing their Road related solutions by helping them in contacting the government officials.

Team 2019-20