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Type of Internships

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. You need to conduct one event related to road safety in your city every week.
2. Collaborate with Local Corporate, NGOs, Local Administrations, District Authority, Academic Institutions, Police Commissioners etc.
3. Perform any one activity every week:- Message to masses, Data collection/Recordings related to road issues, Discussion on road safety and Online awareness. Training module/video will be mailed to you for the same.
4. Make a road safety community with the collaboration of all authorities and NGOs.
5. You will create a Facebook page with your city name and have to update posts on it daily from IRSC page.
6. You will lead the team (Coordinators and volunteers), motivate them and monitor their performance.
7. Motivate Colleges and Schools to register for iSAFE. You have to get at least 15 colleges and 5 schools for the iSAFE registration.
1. This internship is for 1 year and the tenure will be renewed after 6 months.
1. You will get a certificate after completing this internship successfully.
2. Letter of Recommendation to top 3 performers.
Other Information:
1. You will be working as a representative of IRSC. Your contact details and photo will be uploaded on IRSC website so that if anyone who is interested in volunteering can contact you. So you need to be active and answerable every time.
2. No certificate will be provided if you leave your internship in the middle of your tenure or do not perform your tasks actively.
3. You have to update us on regular basis.
4. You have to monitor the performance of your core team members (Coordinators and volunteers).
5. You will share the performance dashboard of your core team members every month.
6. You can hire volunteers at the time of events or other activities when you need them. Certificates would not be provided to any volunteer if they work on temporary basis. But if they work throughout the year and contribute 100 hours then they will be given a certificate.
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
4 Coordinators will be hired and they will work as a core team members of city head. You will work with city head of your city. There will be 4 options in coordinator internship , you can choose any one of them:
1. First coordinator will look out the every event that will be conducted under the guidance of city head.
2. Second coordinator will manage all the content and designing related work.
3. Third coordinator will encourage the candidates in their colleges to apply for the IRSC internship.
4. Fourth coordinator will handle all the technical and social media related work.
5. All the coordinators have to complete each and every task that will be allotted by city head and follow all the instructions gievn by your city head. Duration:
1. This internship is for 1 year.
1. A certificate of coordinator will be provided after completing internship.
2. Letter of Recommendation to top 3 performers.
Other Information:
1. If you leave your internship in the middle of your tenure then you will not be given any certificate.
2. Campus ambassadors can also apply for this internship. But only one internship would be accepted at one time. So if you choose to be a coordinator or the city head then you can not continue as an ambassador of IRSC and you will not be given any certificate for this.
3. If any coordinator perform well then he/she can be promoted as a city head after 6 months.
4. This is the voluntarily position so there would be no compensation and reimbursement.