Policy Internship is a 2 months opportunity floated for students all across India where they liaise with the local stakeholders and solve a pertinent road-safety issue under guidance of experts.
Doing so by collaborating with civic bodies, traffic police, public and other stakeholders to design a solution proposed by the people, getting it implemented by the people representative for the benefit of the people

Phases of Internship

  • Phase 1:- Identify the problem talk to stakeholder
  • Phase 2:- Conduct Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Phase 3:- Design a proper solution with the help of expert.
  • Phase 4:- Getting the solution implemented

What our Interns say

Previous Locations of Internship

Implementation near Udhna Darwaja, Surat

Problem : Traffic congestion due to unplanned and unsupervised pathways under the Ring road flyover bridge at “Udhna darwaja”, Mixed traffic flow causes mishaps and heavy traffic jam at “Udhna teen rasta” and Condemned roads and unmaintained gutter in cites the accidents and road safety issues near Khatodara flyover
Solution: View Detailed Solution.

Implementation at Azadpur Metro Station, Delhi

Problem : Merging of traffic for two directions. Because of the illegal auto stands, the high-speed traffic is brought to a sudden standstill causing traffic congestions and sometimes accidents (mainly at night).
Solution : View Detailed Solution .

Implementation at Kharwar nagar junction

Construction of traffic booth at the middle of the junction for efficient management of the flow of traffic